At WashU Medicine, faculty and trainees thrive in a culture of collegiality and collaboration. Here, boundaries between disciplines don’t exist, and mentors and resources are easy to find. By putting our heads together with an attitude of mutual support, we go farther, faster.

Collaboration is the norm, universitywide. Researchers and clinicians see each other as helpful colleagues, not competitors. Investigators routinely assemble multidisciplinary teams of experts from across the school and the university, focused on a shared research interest or a major clinical challenge. Bringing the best minds together supercharges the discovery process, making research easier, more impactful and more rewarding. Trainees learn a collaborative approach to science from the very start of their careers.

“There’s a tremendous culture here that allows for scientists to reach out and collaborate across departments, across disciplines, in a way that I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD
Head, Department of Neurology


Faculty and trainees share their passion for their work and the role collaboration plays in moving it forward.