WashU is among the world’s largest centers of neuroscience discovery and innovation. Our highly collaborative research enterprise encompasses deep expertise across all related fields, from basic discovery through translational science.

Collaborative approach

By joining forces across disciplines, our researchers nurture talent, spark new avenues of investigation and accelerate progress.

50+ research centers

Collaborative teams are pushing the boundaries of science to understand the brain, improve patient care and develop new technologies.

Spanning the continuum

At WashU Medicine, our neuroscience spans the continuum of research — from exploring how the brain and nervous system function in both health and disease to translating those findings into novel clinical solutions, and finally applying those solutions in our large, diverse patient population. All along that continuum, the clinical perspectives of physician-scientists shape research priorities. Deep expertise and resources across all related disciplines creates a rich environment for discovery.

Areas of study
Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases • brain tumors • childhood neurological diseases • developmental disabilities • genomics of neurological disease • itch • mechanisms of anesthesia • neural connectivity • pain • sleep and circadian rhythm • systems neuroscience


Anesthesiology: Foundations of pain, sleep, itch, inflammation, general anesthesia and clinical outcomes

Developmental Biology: Organogenesis, encompassing the earliest developmental processes in the embryo, organism and cellular physiology, as well as tissue homeostasis and repair

Genetics: How genes contribute to health and disease, with traditional strengths in computational biology, genome science, model organisms, and evolutionary and human genetics

Neurology: Basic, translational and clinical studies to understand, treat and prevent neurological disease

Neuroscience: Fundamental research on the mechanisms that govern brain function

Neurosurgery: Translating fundamental discoveries of the roots of neurological disease into clinical solutions, with a rare focus on technology and innovation

Psychiatry: Psychiatric disorders and developing new methods of evaluation and treatment

Radiology: Advancement of imaging technology and image interpretation

Office of Neuroscience Research

The definitive resource for investigators

The Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) serves the WashU neuroscience community by providing research updates, advertising events, organizing symposia and promoting training opportunities.

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