Woven into the planning, design and construction of the Neuroscience Research Building is the intangible yet very real pillar of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • All individuals involved in planning, design and construction are considered equals.
  • The core team of project leaders, managers, architects, contractors and planners comprise 60% men and 40% women.
  • The project’s main contractor, McCarthy Building Companies, has provided opportunities for minority- and women-owned business subcontractors in bidding and has helped selected companies grow through training and mentorship programs.
  • The School of Medicine works with high schools, colleges and local unions to encourage careers in construction.
  • The school shares best practices, provides mentoring and offers talks and practical sessions on life skills, such budgeting and coping with depression — a major issue in the construction industry.
  • The school extends its zero-tolerance discrimination policy beyond employees to the contractors, subcontractors and other vendors on the project.

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