WashU Medicine’s supportive, collaborative environment is an ideal training ground for launching successful careers. The depth, breadth and quality of training programs provide limitless opportunities to explore and pursue individual career passions. Programs emphasize leadership and innovation.

Find your perfect mentor

Looking for the right lab to conduct your PhD or postdoctoral work? At WashU Medicine, with hundreds of teaching-focused neuroscience faculty to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

There’s not only one way to be a doctor. You have to discover your way of getting where you want to go. We want to make that possible for people.

Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD, associate professor of pathology and immunology



Predoctoral/post-baccalaureate training

As part of its commitment to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM, Washington University has established a post-baccalaureate neuroscience training program for students from underrepresented backgrounds.  Neuroprep provides two years of paid training in a laboratory to shore up the skills required of PhD programs.

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Doctoral training

Postdoctoral training

Postdoctoral researchers are essential to the success of WashU Medicine’s neuroscience community, and our faculty mentors are committed to trainees’ career growth.

Postdocs are supported by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and represented by the WashU Postdoctoral Society.

Department of Neuroscience

Department of Psychiatry

The department offers postdoctoral research opportunities in the following areas

  • Weight management and eating disorders
  • Substance abuse: a biomedical approach
  • Developmental neuroscience and child psychopathology
  • Genetics and genomics of mental disorders
  • Statistical / computational methods for addiction genetics